Did you know that more than 5 Billion people have no access to radiology services?

As a result of an ageing population and various screening programmes, the demand for radiology services is growing at a steady annual rate of 5 -10% yet in most countries, more radiologists retire every year than there are new ones to replace them and it takes 8+ years on average to train a radiology specialist.

Chestify AI is a deep-learning and Machine learning algorithm that can concurrently diagnose up to 14 chest x-ray pathologies on a chest x-ray photograph.

Earlier this year, we run a pilot test for radiologists and clinicians in the world to use Chestify AI Chest X-Ray Imaging diagnostics to help in diagnosing of chest x-ray pathologies serving as a second eye in areas with radiologists and in areas without radiologists as a tool for diagnosis.

As piloting and real world clinical deployments are currently going on, we are focused on getting feedback from medical institutions on what they expect from Chestify AI and how we could improve their daily routine and the radiology workflow.